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South Africa is the 12th oldest winemaking country and its 8th largest producer since the end of the apartheid embargo, with Cape Town as the starting point of the nation’s viticultural growth. The finer wines are produced in districts (similar to the AOC system) and wards (crus), the best known in the country being Paarl, Stellenbosch, Darling, Cape Point, Constantia, Walker Bay, Franschhoek, among others. The latter district alone produces 80% of South Africa’s Wines of Origin. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate and conditions that are ideal for winemaking, with the maritime influence both in the West (Atlantic Ocean) and the East (Indian Ocean). The average yearly rainfall and the hot summers from November to May provide ideal conditions for the slow ripening of the grape. Unlike Europe, South African winemakers begin the harvest when temperatures begin to rise. This thorough knowledge of their climate provides South African winegrowers with healthy harvests and an excellent ripening process, all good signs for an excellent vintage!


For purchase of alcoholic beverages, kindly place your order by phone on the following numbers:

20/Vin Beau Plan: 2093052 / 59708904
20/Vin Richmond Hill Grand-Baie : 2630007 / 59384998 / 57670319

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