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Since 1992, L’OR has distributed high quality coffee throughout the world, investing primarily in the creation of an intense tasting experience and memorable moments around coffee. In 2010, L’OR launched L’OR Espresso capsules, the first compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. With L’OR, each cup of coffee brings about a moment of pure pleasure, a journey for your senses through the intense aromas of coffees that are perfectly balanced between sweet and full-bodied flavours. Grown and picked with the greatest care, the coffee beans are then roasted following a process that is the close-held secret of the brand. All of the brand’s coffees are made from sustainably harvested beans under the UTZ label. This certification recognizes not only sustainable coffee farming, but also supports fair trade and compensation for its farmers, as well as a guarantee of constant quality.


For purchase of alcoholic beverages, kindly place your order by phone on the following numbers:

20/Vin Beau Plan: 2093052 / 59708904
20/Vin Richmond Hill Grand-Baie : 2630007 / 59384998 / 57670319

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