In 1492, in Cuba, Christopher Columbus’ landing allowed the discovery of tobacco in the heart of the “New World”. The Taino Indians rolled and burned mysterious leaves, which they called “Cohiba”, in a ceremony unknown to the explorers. Since its discovery, Tabaco Negro Cubano or Cuban Black Tobacco is perceived as the best in the world due to the exceptional climatic conditions in which it grows in some areas of the Island, a position held uncontested for over five hundred years. The distinction lies in the tobacco itself and its taste, born from a combination of four factors that exist only in Cuba: the soil, climate, the varieties of Cuban black tobacco and the craftsmanship of its growers and cigar makers. All Habano cigars are made “Totalmente a Mano” – totally by hand – using the methods that were developed in Havana two centuries ago. These remain almost entirely unchanged even today. More than 500 manual tasks are carried out in full respect of traditional methods, from planting the tobacco seeds to the final packaging of the Habanos in its box. Each cigar must go through a rigorous quality control process established by the Regulatory Council for the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P).


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