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Alcoholic and sweet, liqueurs are obtained via the maceration, infusion or distillation of fruits or plants. Different alcohol bases can be used in their elaboration, be it a neutral white spirit, gin, vodka, cognac, whiskey or brandy. For quality liqueurs, the raw materials are selected according to their origin, but also according to specific harvesting methods. The aromatic agents used in liqueurs are sourced from seeds, barks, petals, leaves, roots or pulp of the selected products. Depending on the extraction method, these extracts will be more or less dominant in the final product. Some liqueurs contain extracts or aromatic concentrates or fruit juices. Lower quality liquors, which use artificial essences or extracts, must indicate their use on the label.


For purchase of alcoholic beverages, kindly place your order by phone on the following numbers:

20/Vin Beau Plan: 2093052 / 59708904
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