The digital magazine L’Epicurien was born out of our passion for our industry. It is our best tool to provide our customers with exclusive updates on our upcoming projects, our new arrivals and some of our top tips on tasting & food pairing for the wide array of products available at 20/vin. While browsing through L’Epicurien, discover our wines, champagnes, spirits, our coffee capsules and our exclusive selection of Cuban cigars. While the world of wine and spirits tends to intimidate due to its sheer immensity, its very first purpose is to promote shared experiences, joy and friendship. Through L’Epicurien, 20/vin hopes to make this unique world accessible to you and your loved ones. We aim to pass on our knowledge and advice in a tone that is both fun and educational. Join us in exploring the world of wines & spirits and make sure you bring some foodie friends along!

Edition July 2022

L'Art de Vivre

Edition April 2022

L'Art de Vivre

Edition No. 6 | Year 2021

100% Art de Vivre

Edition No. 5 | Year 2020

New Decade, New Look.

Edition No. 4 | Year 2020

Discover Gems of the new World.

Edition No. 3 | Year 2019

Discovery An Islander in Champagne!

Edition No. 2 | Year 2019

Domaine Combier

Edition No. 1 | Year 2019