Beer is probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world: the first traces of its evidence in history date back to Mesopotamia around 4000 BC. Throughout the centuries, it has been known as “Sikaru” (Mesopotamia), “Zythum” (barley wine in Egypt), “Celia”, “Ceria” in Spain, “Cervoise” – inspired by CERES, goddess of the harvest (Rome) – or even “Korma” (In Gaul). The name “beer” points to the drink obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of a mash of malt, hops, filtered water and yeast. Malt (barley) weighs a minimum of 50% of the total starchy or sweet ingredients used in the process. Aromatic herbs or natural spices can be added to beer as long as this addition does not noticeably alter the flavour profile with its aromas. A beer must absolutely consist of plant-based ingredients, with only one animal-based exception: honey.


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