The first iconographic or written traces of cultivated vines date back to 2,500 years ago. Around the 6th century BC, the vine was introduced in southern Gaul via the port of Marseille, by the Greek navigators and Phoenicians. Located where two wonderful rivers meet, between land and sea, the city of Bordeaux inherited 2000 years of rich history in its geography and its spirit: city of wine, wine routes, wine tourism cruises, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to top it all off. Anxious to keep the know-how of their ancestors alive, the new generation of Bordeaux’s winemakers navigates a fine line of compromises between tradition and modernity. Bordeaux inaugurated the notion of classification in 1855 under Napoleon III, one that would become synonymous with quality and prestige throughout the world. It owes its distinction as the most reputable AOC region in France to the great diversity of its high quality terroirs. The Cru Classé system perfectly illustrates the common vision and authenticity of a terroir, and the work of men over several generations in the effort to achieve unparalleled quality. Bordeaux includes several classifications, listed in chronological order: the 1855 classification, the Graves classification, the Saint-Émilion classification, the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc classification and the Crus Artisans classification.


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Cabos Rg 750Ml

  • 750ML
  • 2018
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